k'annibal woman

K’annibal Woman Artist Bio

K’annibal Woman is an extraordinary trio of musicians that hail from just north of Seattle, Washington. The band consists of Guy and Richard Madison. And they have their nephew Komplex Kai singing with them sometimes. The three are part of the Tlingit and Snohomish-Snoqualmie tribes from the Tulalip Reservation - overlooking the picturesque waters of Puget Sound. And oh yea! We're part Swedish. The band’s name is taken from Native American folklore, and as Guy jokingly says, “We chose it because everyone else took all the other good band names.” Their band name reflects the group’s hard-driving, “stay-hungry” music.

K’annibal Woman is fused with rock, metal, grunge and punk. June Caldwell of Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion calls their album, “Hard-hitting and head banging rock and roll.”